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Please acknowledge the following warranty service conditions

  • Should you have a warranty claim that is found to have been caused from faulty installation, misuse or a cause other than a manufacturing defect of the product you will be liable for a callout charge.
  • Where fault is found to be something other than a warranty issue or the product is not our product there will be a callout charge.
  • Please note the standard minimum callout charge is $150.00 + GST plus any travel time applicable if outside of a capital city metropolitan area should any of these instances occur.
  • Adequate access to products, fittings and fixtures to undertake extended warranty repairs is required. We will not be responsible for any consequential damage or costs where adequate access to product fittings and fixtures is not available.
Please confirm you have read our warranty statement and conditions which can be found at Standard warranty and agree to the warranty service conditions outlined above.